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offering counseling services for children, teens, and parents

Comprehensive parent coaching packages

the Truth is most of us became parents not knowing truly what we are in for. We are handed a child with no instruction book or training on parenting. I always joke that people get more training for almost any job including the most basic ones that require very little skill, and yet none when it comes to one of the most important jobs we will have in our lifetime which is being a parent and helping shape and raise a human being!
Most of us end up "winging it" based on how we were raised or at best perhaps reading a few ( many times conflicting and confusing) parenting books. However, before long we realize that parenting brings the best and worst of us out. we realize we don't really know what we are doing specially when it comes to our unique individual child with strengths and struggles of their own. this becomes much more evident if we happen to be parenting a more unique "Atypical" or "intense" child for whom many typical parenting approaches just don't work!
what happen next the we start feeling bad about our own parenting skills, jumping from one parenting approach to another( and there are so many of the) only to end up feeling more defeated, guilty, and just exhausted. We might find ourself thinking "is parenting supposed to be this hard?" or "what am I doing wrong here?" or maybe start comparing ourselves and our children to those around us and feeling like we are failing our kids or perhaps even that there is something wrong with our child.
Now the truth is some parent happen to have what I call "easier" children. those who are fairly typical and have a very easygoing temperament. these parents end up feeling pretty good about themselves for the most part, even though they are still "winging it" because the child they have is easier to parent also they might be so lucky to have a good match between the parent's temperament and their child. I call these children "the dandelion children" dandilions are easy to care for. they grow and adapt to most environment as long as the very basic needs are met. It is almost hard to "mess up" growing a dandelion.
If you are reading this, you however most likely are blessed with a type of child I call "the orchid" you find yourself doing more, trying harder and yet not feeling like you are doing a very good job not because  you are putting less effort in or that you have less skills, but because orchids are sensitive and you need to really learn how to care for them. in short you cannot have a "wing it" approach with an orchid. it takes much more energy, learning, and work to raise an orchid. I should know I have killed many orchids myself (the actual plants not children!) chances are you are putting in more effort than yours typical parents and getting much less result because with orchids, one solution does not fit all. orchids challenge us to learn and grow in order to parent them right. however, orchids are beautiful, and typically are the leaders and game changers of the future, only if we can survive raising them!
This is where my coaching program comes in. I have many years of experience working with "intense" "sensitive" so called "oppositional" and Atypical children and their families. from giftedness to ADHD, Autism, Sensory processing issues, very sensitive and anxiety prone kids to the ones that fit no specific "diagnostic category" and yet are orchids, and can help you discover the uniqueness of YOUR CHILD AND THEIR SPECIFIC STRENGHTS, CHALLENGES, AND NEEDS. I do this by getting to know you and your child on a deep level, and then help you find how you can support your child in the way they need you. this includes getting to know you and your child's history, observations, videos and more and once we have a good sense of the needs I provide hands on coaching to help you truly gain the skills to provide the best parenting to your child. 
I offer coaching packages for parents wanting to learn how to help their children thrive and reach their true potential. 

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