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I offer individual sessions to children, teens, and parents

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1 hour  /   $250

Adolescent can be a challenging and confusing time for the teens and their families. The natural drive for more independence can create conflict between parent and child. Finding the balance between giving your teen enough autonomy and yet maintaining heathy rules and boundaries is not an easy task for many parents. Raising an adolescent is a lesson in understanding, negotiating, and patience and while every parent feels overwhelmed at times, often, outside help provides an opportunity to increase communication and the relationship with your child. 


Issues that may be addressed in individual therapy:

  • Anxiety

  • communication skills

  • healthy boundaries

  • stress

  • Depression

  • Problem with peers

  • school problems

  • Anger

  • isolation

  • Grief

  • divorce

  • self-harm

  • eating disorders

  • family conflics

  • self-esteem issues

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1 hour  /   $250

When children "act out" or have difficult behavior, they are communicating to us. Most of the time the behavior is the result of the child struggling and not having the tools or skills to overcome or deal with theirs difficulties. While understandably most caregivers and/or schools tend to focus on the difficult behavior and try to modify or eliminate them, the root cause is often not addressed. If you have tried to manage your child's behavior, "angry outbursts", and tantrums, and either it has not been working or only temporarily working, it might be time to take a different approach and try to find the root cause of those issues.  I have worked with children with a variety of diagnosis and of different ages, and I have found play therapy to be the most effective of any treatment for younger children. Even the most "unengaged" kids are able to work through many types of issues through play. I look forward to helping your child and your family find the best strategies to work through your difficulties.

Here are some of the frequent reasons parents have sought therapy for their children:

  • Excessive anxiety and worry

  • Exessive angry outbursts or tantrums

  • Excessive shyness, social withdrawn and isolation

  • emotional oversensitivity, tearfulness, or sadness

  • struggles with daily functions and routines, homework, etc

  • sleep or eating issues

  • separation anxiety

  • learning differences

  • sexual, physical, or emotional abuse

  • Death of a family member or pet, dealing with grief

  • going through divorce, or changes in the family structure

  • sibiling rivalry 

  • perfectionism, or being very hard on self

I have experience working with neurodiverse "Atypical"  kids, such as those on the autism spectrum, those with ADD/ADHD diagnosis, and sensory processing issues, as well as gifted and twice exceptional kids.



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1 hour  /   $250

Parenting Support

When children exhibit difficult behaviors it can be extremely challenging for everyone involved. It can be very


distressing and difficult to manage especially on a daily basis. I value my work and relationship with


parents that I work with very much. Helping them develop skillful and practical tools that support the parent-


child relationship is an important part of this work.

My mission is to find helpful strategies, interventions and recommendations to bridge the gap for children


between home, school and therapy. This additional awareness helps us to identify challenges and problem


solve further, supporting the child on a more holistic level. My goal is to guide you to find a natural ability and


ease in your parenting struggles to help not just your child but you.

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