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Teen Therapy

counseling services for children, teens, and parents

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Adolescent can be a challenging and confusing time for the teens and their families. The natural drive for more independence can create conflict between parent and child. Finding the balance between giving your teen enough autonomy and yet maintaining heathy rules and boundaries is not an easy task for many parents. Raising an adolescent is a lesson in understanding, negotiating, and patience and while every parent feels overwhelmed at times, often, outside help provides an opportunity to increase communication and the relationship with your child. 


Issues that may be addressed in individual therapy:

  • Anxiety

  • communication skills

  • healthy boundaries

  • stress

  • Depression

  • Problem with peers

  • school problems

  • Anger

  • isolation

  • Grief

  • divorce

  • self-harm

  • eating disorders

  • family conflics

  • self-esteem issues

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